Important updates

At this time, we will only be making appointments via phone. We need to focus on one form of communication.

Due to increased prices on our supplies we have been forced to make some adjustments to our prices. This did not come without much thought and consideration but with such high demand on our products/supplies it has drove the cost up for us. As of now, we will only be raising our prices on color services as this is where the majority of the price increase is being affected. We apologize and really wished we could have avoided this.

😷 Masks are required.
🤧 If you have been sick or been in contact with anyone who is sick, you must reschedule your appointment (cough, fever, sore throat, etc)
📅 Walk-ins are not available at this time. You must have an appointment to enter the salon
↔️ Please keep 6ft distance between clients
🦠 Extra disinfecting throughout the salon/stations (especially in high touch point areas)
👏 Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the salon
1️⃣ 💇Clients must come alone, you may only enter the salon if you have an appointment and are receiving a service (does not apply to a caregiver)
🚘 Clients may be asked to wait in their vehicle if their stylist is not ready for them
Blow drying and styling times may be adjusted to a quick express service to limit contact time and adhere to the state guidelines
🧴Retail items will be retrieved by staff
🚫 We will not be accepting returns on retail products at this time
You must be on time for your appointment. Our stylists are on a very strict schedule. If you are running late, we will have to reschedule your appointment

Tanning is closed at this time. All active accounts will be placed on hold. We are unsure when we will re-open tanning.


We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces 😍